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Electrical Grade Insulating Kraft Paper

We supply an excellent range of Electrical Grade Insulating Kraft Paper that is widely used for insulation in transformers motors and for wire covering (DPC). These Electrical Grade Insulating Kraft Papers are manufactured using quality fiber as a raw material and are widely appreciated by our various clients throughout the world.

We are the supplier of wide range of Electrical Grade Insulating Crepe Paper / tubes that are used for insulation of several kind of electrical wires .These are available in different sizes as per the wire specification. We manufacture these insulation crepe paper / tubes as per the international quality standards.


Salient features are as follows:

  • Made entirely from high grade electrical Kraft base papers conforming to IEC-60554-3-5 (1984)

  • Totally free from conductive particles

  • Used as insulation in Distribution/ Power/ Current/ Potential transformers

  • Available in natural color and in reel form

  • Available in all roll widths as per customer requirement

  • Thickness ( Base paper ) : 1.50 Mil (0.04 mm) to 5 Mil (0.125 mm)

  • Also available - Crepe paper tubes.

Electrical Grade Insulating Kraft Paper that we supply is made from excellent grade of virgin fibers. These raw materials are imported from different countries. These are widely used as an insulation material of copper and aluminum wires. Apart from this these are also used in winding of transformer, motor, rotor coils. We export these in various parts of the world at competitive prices.



Wire Covering,Transformer Insulation"

Salient features are as follows:

  • Low ion contaminants through the use of deionized water

  • Superior resin and oil impregnation characteristics

  • High tensile strength in the vertical direction

  • Capable of being produced in thin sheets (23g/m2 - 35 microns)

  • Paper combinations - 3 layer construction possible

  • Low density, high air permeability

  • Little difference between front and back

  • Heat resistant insulating paper

  • Colored insulating paper

  • Colored with dyes that have no electrical influences

  • Semi-synthetic insulating paper & others

  • Basis Weight 23 - 330g/m2

  • Also used for instrumentation and condenser applications

We are engaged in offering wide range of Presspahn Paper. Insulating presspahn paper,also known as leatheroid paper, is made entirely from vegetable fibres with a combination of both virgin & recycled fibres. The high purity of the vegetable fibre ensure that the products is totally free of any impurity & conductive particles in particular.

Salient features are as follows:

  • High Purity, Heat Resistance, Resistance to Ageing, Excellent Electrical and Mechanical strength Excellent physical & Dielectric strength.
  • Used as a Protective Insulator in product transformers, Motors, Switchgears & Auto Electric Industry
  • Also used for applications like core / slot insulation in Transformers, Electric Motors, Pumps, Chokes and other electrical items
  • Made entirely from high quality vegetable fibres
  • High quality fibre ensures freedom from any impurity and conductive particles in particular
  • Available in thickness of 5 Mil / 0.125 mm to 20 Mil / 0.50 mm.

Diamond Dotted Insulation Paper is made of electrical insulation paper with diamond-shape epoxy resin dotted in both sides. The epoxy resin used in D.D.P. contains a kind of incubative hardener material, it is a dry and crisp material at normal temperatures (below 35 degree C)"

This product has good dielectric and good mechanical properties after being heat solidification. It can be used as insulation material for coils and between layers of oil immersed power and distribution transformers.


Salient features are as follows:

  • New insulating materials for transformers

  • Coils made this paper are able to withstand axial short circuit forces far better than coils made with uncoated papers

  • Helps minimize corona failure caused by a spark discharge through air entrapped between layers of insulating or within the insulating itself

  • Widely used in electrical equipments such as mutual inductance machine, transformer etc. as layers insulating materials

  • Available Width : 625mm, 960mm, 1020mm

  • Tested under IEC 554 ( Part 2 ) 2001

Typical properties of Diamond Dotted Paper
Specified Properties Units Standard
Thickness Tolerance Mm 0.08 , 0.13 , 0.17 , 0.20 ,0.25
Density g/mm^3 0.95 – 1.15
Tensile strength Min N/mm^2 MD 70 – 90
CMD 40 - 50
Elongation Min % MD 2.0 – 3.0
CMD 7.0 – 9.0
Breakdown volume Min KV/mm In air 11-12
In oil 45-50
Oil Absorption Min % 8
Moisture Content % 4.0-8.0
Resin’s Content Min % 7 , 6 , 5 , 4 , 3.5
Ash Content Max % 1.0
Adhesion Strength Min kPa 450
dp " 1000

Capacitor Tissue Paper"is available with the thickness of 10 & 12 microns onwards. These papers are highly suitable for making metalized paper-film capacitors & standard capacitors.


Salient features are as follows:

  • Manufactured from 100% high quality sulphate insulating wood pulp

  • Highly refined & cleaned to ensure uniform thickness & formation

  • Excellent electrical, chemical & physical properties

  • Tiny defects minimized to meet safety requirements in manufacturing & applications of capacitors

  • Suitable for making metalized paper-film capacitors & standard capacitors

  • Available in continuous rolls with widths of 95mm, 140mm, 235mm, 250mm, 280mm, 355mm, 390mm & 420 mm with roll diameter of 220mm – 250 mm

  • Also available – customized thickness and width as per the purchase contract

    Typical Specifications of Capacitor Tissue Paper
    Specified PropertiesUnitsSpecifications
    Thickness Tolerancemicron8 - 12 micron
    Tolerance on thickness%+ / - 7.5 %
    Width"As per customer requirement
    Apparent Densityg/cc1.20 + / - 0.05
    Moisture Content%5 - 9
    Ash content%Max 0.35
    Chloride content of aqueous contentmg/kgMax 5
    Conductivity of aqueous extractmS/mMax 3
    Ph Value of aqueous extract"6 - 8
    Tensile IndexNm/gMin 60
    Electrical Strength at 90 degree Celsius"40 V / micron FOR 1.2 density

    We offer Filament Reinforced Kraft Paper manufactured utilizing quality crepe paper. Having tolerance of +0.5 mm (I.D.) and +1.0 mm (O.D.), these tubes are extensively used as sleeves for interconnection of terminals. These tubes are also acclaimed for having higher rate of absorption of oil that further ensures higher di-electric strength as compared to conventional SRBP tubes.

    Salient features are as follows:

    • Available in natural color and in reel form

    • Totally free from conductive particles

    • Available in all roll widths as per customer requirement

    • Thickness (Base paper): 1.50 Mil (0.04 mm) to 5 Mil (0.125 mm).


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